Online Safety Rules

  • 1. We do not perform background checks on the members of this site.
  • 2. Use caution, and your best judgement when you post your profile, and communicate with anyone.
  • 3. Never use personal information in your profile, such as, first and last name, address(home and work), email(personal and work), birthday, etc…
  • 4. Never give personal information to someone online.
  • 5. Never give money or accept an offer of money.
  • 6. Report any abuse, spam, etc… to the website immediately.
  • 7. If meeting someone in person, exercise extreme caution, and consider the following suggestions: take your own transportation, meet in a public place, let family and friends know who you are going to meet and where you will be(once you meet, if your date wants to change locations, make sure that someone knows where you are going), take someone with you, do not allow the person to pick you up at home or work.